The Art of Writing ‘Gay’

Some of the greatest writers in modern history were gay: Oscar Wilde, Langston Hughes, and Allen Ginsberg. When students study Ginsberg’s work, most are unaware of the subtle homoeroticism that’s woven into their schoolbooks. Also, rumor has it Herman Melville had a preference for the Dark Side, and, if it’s true, his famed novel Moby Dick has an entirely new meaning.

Friday through Sunday, to support the tradition of the “gay writer,” Stonewall Library and Archives in Fort Lauderdale is hosting the Gay and Lesbian Literary Arts (GALLA) Festival. GALLA features panel discussions on topics such as “Finding an Agent” and “Making a Case for Lesbian Fiction.” There are a variety of topics that could be of interest to all writers regardless of their sexual orientation, including “Whodunnit? Writing a Mystery,” because the gays can be just as sneaky and murderous as anyone else.

Attendance at GALLA is free, although there are a few special workshops that cost $25. Find Stonewall Library and Archives at 1300 E. Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. Read the complete schedule and register at, or call 954-763-8565.
April 9-11, 2010

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