The Brewers Are Still in Contention

Although the MLB playoffs have nearly been decided, we still don't know one important bit of info: Which beers will be in the final four at Whole Food’s Annual World Series of Beer, taking place tonight at 6 at their Coral Springs location (810 University Dr.).

Although baseball is often regarded “as American as apple pie,” this competition might have a leg up in the patriotism department. Not only does it combine independent, domestic beer with the willing lips of patrons, but it also invites those patrons to select the finest of the bunch through democratic process (read: a playoff-style vote). Oh, and did we mention the whole thing is free? Yep, up to 50 customers can judge beers from the likes of Holy Mackerel, Dogfish Head, Shipyard, and Oscar Blues without dropping a dime; provided, of course, that they register first by calling 954-753-8000, ext. 241.
Sat., Oct. 18, 6 p.m., 2008

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