The Confessional Poet Diaries

The arduous task of finding a subject for your poetry stops here: Relax. Poetry, after all, can be a form of confessional release. This Saturday at 1 p.m. poets will overlook memories of childhood, current lovers, and not-so-current lovers for ones which stem directly from their passion of writing. At the Crest Theatre (51 N. Swinton Ave., in Delray Beach), this month’s poetry workshop, entitled Poetry: A Labor of Love, is ars poetica. Simply translated: ars poetica is the art of poetry. Or, rather, the act of writing poetry about poetry. Richard Ryal, an adjunct professor of Nova Southeastern University, will read ars poetica poetry from contemporary poets and give prompts to help inspire you to write about your own work. At the end, poets will be invited to share their work, but there will be no pressure to do so. Bring a pen and pad. And remember: Finish products might be therapeutic, but in ars poetica, it’s the journey from the first line to the last line that really matters. Admission costs $10 at the door. Visit
Sat., Sept. 5, 1 p.m., 2009

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