The Delux Package

For those of you who have given up on Delray Beach's Atlantic Avenue ever having a real nightlife, there is hope.

Scott Frielich and Rodney Mayo -- owners of the Lounge, Lost Weekend, and Respectable Street on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, Dada in Delray Beach, and Blue Lounge and Lost Weekend in Miami Beach -- are opening a new, upscale club on the avenue that promises to inject some life into the sedate sleepy-town scene.

Keeping to their tradition of steering clear of the mainstream, the dynamic duo have implemented many of the quirky ideas that have proven successful in their other establishments to create Delux, an odd crossover between a nightclub and a lounge.


Delux nightclub/lounge

16 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach

Opens Friday, December 7, at 10 p.m. It will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., with a happy hour on Friday starting at 5 p.m. Call 561-279-4792.

The concept is that once you are done eating dinner elsewhere and tire of walking up and down the avenue window-shopping, you can come to Delux with your friends, lounge around, have a drink, and as the night progresses get into the dancing and nightlife mode. The ambiance resembles a quaint living-room atmosphere but with the energy of a nightclub.

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The club's interior could be more aptly described as a maze. Dozens of diner-booth-style seats, cushioned benches, and cocktail tables partition the 3000-square-foot room into clanlike, private party areas as well as provide for improvised dance-floor spaces for those private and spur-of-the-moment dances. Two wide garage doors lead to the outside patio, which boasts additional seating and a bar; also on the patio, movies and images are projected onto the walls.

Delux plans to bring Miami and New York City beats to Delray through lively house and high-energy dance music, featuring such DJs as New York's Lloyd Alvarez, South Beach's Soulman, and Deep House Movement as well as up-and-coming talent.

The nightclub will be one of the few in town that doesn't serve food and will most likely host theme parties and corporate events on occasion. Valet parking will be available, and a minimal cover charge is planned.

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