The Filth and the Furry

Most cats are acquired through divine happenstance: The neighborhood hussy abandoned her litter in a bougainvillea, initiating a chain reaction of forwarded emails throughout tri-county offices. Eventually some softy sees the attached image of little spotted extraterrestrials popping out of a cardboard box and knows that they have an obligation to give a kitten a chance off of the streets, put it into private school, and assure it a well-adjusted life as a fixed adult.

But there are the select few pusses that come not from the rooty underside of bushes and dark corners of carports, but from catteries. These exotic cats live a different life altogether, one of hand-prepared meals, hyphenated last names, and Cat Shows. This weekend War Memorial Auditorium (800 NE Eighth St., Fort Lauderdale) will hardly be visible beneath a fine layer of fur and dander as Cat Women and Cat Men come from all over to prove that theirs is the best pussy around.

Exceptionally well-groomed and unexpectedly tolerant of feather boa collars, these kitties stretch and play in order to catch the judge’s eye as legions of devoted worshipers sit around in folding chairs cooing and clapping. Squeals of delight ensue. Take a tour of these high-end felines on Saturday and Sunday; it may be your only chance to literally see people put their pussy on a pedestal. Tickets cost $5 to $7. Call 954-828-5380.
Sun., Oct. 21, 2007

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