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The Mothers of Immersion

Another installment of the Where-Are-They-Now Musical Odyssey Game, South Florida Edition, rears its not-so-ugly head this week. Thank god this version includes a healthy dose of quality rock and roll, courtesy of Charlie Pickett and his rotating, ragtag group of troubadours. This iteration of accompanying musicians (including local legend Johnny Salton on guitar) is known as the Electric Flannel Bunny. Also on the bill is the Martyrs (ex-DT Martyrs), a reformation of the long time rootsy combo that features sometime Pickett sideman and SoFla guitar staple Ian Hammond. It all goes down next Saturday at the venerable tap bar and musical depot, Alligator Alley (1231 E. Commercial Blvd., Oakland Park). Pickett’s blend of blues-driven rock is known to include both country and western elements. So if you haven’t screamed along in a drunken stupor to “If this is love, I want my money back,” then you can’t really consider yourself a Florida rocker. For five bucks, you can’t beat it, but be sure to get there early, ´cause Charlie is opening the show. Call 954-771-2220, or visit


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