The Other White Meat

Mike Gorman

Even though South Beach is well-known for its annual Thanksgiving White Party, it doesn't actually own the color white. Wait, is white a color? Regardless, nobody owns it. As such, party-promoting guru Gary Santis, known for running clubs Warsaw, Coliseum, and the Saint, has organized the first White Fort Lauderdale, a big, gay circuit party on Sunday that will first be preceded by a week of, um, small, gay circuit parties.

There's a certain analogy to make here: Do you remember reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? There's a prophetic scene in there somewhere when the mean White Witch tries to lure young Edmund to her castle by temptingly offering, "There are whole rooms full of Turkish Delight, and what's more, I have no children of my own. I want a nice boy whom I could bring up as a Prince and who would be King of Narnia when I am gone."

Well, in the White Fort Lauderdale analogy, party promoter Santis is the White Witch, albeit in a nice way. And the castle rooms are all the clubs in Laudernarnia hosting dreamy events that culminate in the big Sunday party. It isn't clear how to translate Turkish Delight, though. That's up to you. Get ready to be lured in to strip off your shirt and unleash your inner prince (Albert?).


White Fort Lauderdale

Various locations and have various costs.

Visit, or call 954-584-3656.

Among the many Laudernarnia parties before Sunday, the most notable are Friday's White Journey at Coliseum Nightclub (2520 S. Miami Rd., Fort Lauderdale) with DJ Abel, and a "Wet and White" pool party on Saturday at the Cabanas Guesthouse (2209 NE 26th St., Wilton Manors). Sunday's main event in downtown Fort Lauderdale goes from 6 p.m. until 4 a.m. on Labor Day, with music by DJs Tony Moran, Manny Lehman, and MIIK. You know what to wear.

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