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Them Eats is Cheap

Three, two, or even one year ago there wouldn’t have been anything notable about getting a decent lunch for $3.99. The fact that you could spend your lunch hour at scenic Fort Lauderdale Riverfront, grubbing on a blackened tilapia wrap at the Palm Grill while swilling $9 vodka martinis would be mildly interesting at best. Maybe you’d feel a little grateful for the ridonkulously low prices on that rare, tight afternoon just before payday. But probably not. “Lunch” was not a meaningful expense.

Well, so much for that. For a lot of us, a $3.99 express lunch at Palm Grille has somehow become the highlight of our week. The deal is this: roll up between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., and you can choose from seven menu items on the “express” menu. You’ve gotta buy a drink, too. (A $3 Sam Adams is a good alternative to the $9 tini-trio.) Once you do, the options are impressive: a tri-color Greek pasta salad, a super-packed Southwestern chicken wrap, a chicken breast dinner with all the fixins, and lots more. As befits a place where you can have lunch and catch a beer buzz for less than $8, reservations are neither required nor recommended.

Palm Grill (300 SW First Ave., Fort Lauderdale) Call 954-779-1800 for more information.
Starts: Dec. 22. Daily, 2008


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