They’ll Never Be Big In Burma

Prescient or tasteless? That’s the question the men and women of sketch-comedy troupe The Jove must be asking themselves right now, as they prepare to bring Mobile Home Sweet Mobile Home to The Atlantic Theatre (6743 W. Indiantown Rd., Jupiter). Mobile Home, you see, is a comedy about hurricane season. Ha! Ha! Hrmph. Well, what the hell — it’s unlikely that the Burmese will ever get a look at it. They’re busy right now. The rest of us ought to enjoy whooping it up with improvised sketches about poor people in doublewides trying to protect themselves from Mother Nature’s wrath. Laughter, they say, is the best defense against anxiety, and with the way Mother Nature’s been acting lately, we’d be idiots not to be anxious.

The Jove is a mixed bag of skilled amateur and pro actors/improviseurs who ought to be able to keep the ennui at bay for at least a little while — they’ve been doing this for a long time — and founder Frank Licari used to be with Blue Man Group, which was always good for sucking folks out of their troubled lives and depositing them Elsewhere. Incidentally, hurricanes are pretty good at that, too. But don’t think about it. Mobile Home runs all weekend. Tickets cost $15; call 561-575-4942, or visit
Sat., May 31, 2008

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