This Is Your Brain

What goes through Lance Armstrong’s head while he’s chugging up the French Pyrenees on two wheels? Does he think about how much his thighs are burning? Does he ponder his favorite color of spandex? Does he sing to himself, “Every Day Is a Winding Road?”? You may soon have a clue. In Wired to Win, an IMAX movie now showing at the Museum of Science and Discovery (401 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale), scientists examine what’s more important – physical skills… or mental ones? The movie follows Australian pro cyclist Baden Cooke and his French teammate Jimmy Caspar, and examines how they use their gray matter to stave off pain and fatigue, seize opportunities to get ahead, stay motivated, and try not to cry for their mommies. The radical graphics like hi-tech computer imaging and brain scans are matched only by killer footage shot during the grueling 21-day Tour De France. Call 954-467-MODS, or visit
Feb. 10-Aug. 31

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