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When you're a vampire lesbian of Sodom, Halloween is just another day.
Steve Shires

THU 28

The edgy Sol Theatre specializes in productions that are sexy, controversial, or just plain weird. So it doesn't really need Halloween. Vampire Lesbians of Sodom is the type of play it might stage on any old Thursday, or on Christmas Eve, or during Ramadan, or for Grandma's birthday party. It's just convenient that the cast is ready to perform it when H-Day rolls around. This way, when you take your date, you can say, "Dueling vampires throughout the ages? Leather-clad henchmen? Cross-dressing vampire slayers? I'm only into them on special occasions." The bondage outfits in your closet and the whips under your bed? You can talk about all that later. The play opens tonight at 8. It, along with the show Sleeping Beauty (an Austin Powers-type comedy), comprises the Charles Busch FreakFest; both works were penned by the campy New York playwright. The two pieces will be performed on alternating nights through December 19. Call 954-525-6555, or visit

FRI 29

John Carr is not just some con-artist schmoe who's out to take your money. He is a genuine freak! Carr was born on September 11 ("It used to be a good day," he quips) to a family of tea cup readers and Santera believers. He grew up in a haunted house and became an official ghost/paranormal researcher as an adult. In 1998, he founded SEFGR -- that's South East Florida Ghost Research -- and began performing "ghost investigations" around the region. For these, he lugs in Gauss meters, cell sensors, laser thermometers, and other high-tech equipment and measures electromagnetic fields and EVFs (electronic voice phenomena). He also scouts for orbs and poltergeists but doesn't like Ouija boards: "The best types of Ouija boards are those that are split in two and burned to ashes." Clearly, Carr's the best person to lead you through seven haunted stops on a walking Ghost Tour of Fort Lauderdale -- an endeavor he does year-round. You'll need reservations, though: Call 954-290-9328, or visit Tours cost $15 for adults, less for kids.

Upcoming Events

SAT 30

They could be at a math club meeting. They could be at Harvard. They could be chilling with their friends from Mensa. But instead, DJ Justin Pipon (who handles viatical settlements with insurance companies by day) and DJ Soozin (who's after a doctorate in nonprofit organizational leadership) are right here in Fort Liquordale, and they're planning a Halloween House Party for us. Well, if it's house music you seek, beat feet over to Karma (4 W. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale), where there is a meeting of the very brilliant minds behind the turntables. Pipon says he'll spin "groovy, funky, progressive house -- dramatic stuff." Soozin will spin what she calls "music that has feeling. Flavor. That special something that just makes me want it." The two honor roll kids will tag-team with Austin Leeds, whose tunes are so tasty that Bedrock Records (John Digweed's label) had him lay down some tracks. There's no cover, and ladies get two-for-one drinks all night. Come in costume if you want to, but if you don't, that's cool too. Call 954-532-7159, or visit

SUN 31

If you're worried that Moonfest killed off this month's Cabaret Fetish Event at Respectable Street (518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach), there's no need to fret, oh dark ones; the event was simply pushed back a night. And what better night to celebrate all your disturbing, hedonistic fantasies than Halloween? At tonight's Third Annual Masquerade Ball, DJs Carlos Saint Germain, Falstaff, and the ever-present KloV spin their usual goody-bag full of industrial, new wave, and other electro-based booty-shakers (or arm-wavers, if you must). Plus, everyone will be wearing a mask (as required), so maybe you won't get turned down on the dance floor (of course, who knows what you'll be dancing with). The masks go on at 9 p.m. and don't come off till the spirits have been well-exercised. Admission costs $10. Call 561-832-9999.


Kerry and Bush are the same, you say. They're both corporate stooges anyway, right? Sorry, pal, but it' s time you got your head out of Nader's ass. Tomorrow is your last day to vote; ergo, today is your last day to get a clue. Regardless of your personal persuasions, prejudices, and superstitions, we could all benefit from your knowing what the hell you're voting for -- and the proper way to do it too. So today, please, for the love of all things democratic, do your election homework. The Florida Division of Elections website ( has info on the candidates, proposed constitutional amendments, voter fraud, and other stuff we should really know. For a sample ballot, contact your county Supervisor of Elections Office: Broward County residents, call 954-357-7050, or visit; Palm Beachers, call 561-656-6200, or visit It's one thing to Christmas-tree your school exams -- that's your future -- but this one involves all of us. So go score one for Team America!


So, you've gone to the polls, you've wrangled with the computerized voting machine, you've cursed Glenda Hood. Maybe now Pharrell, Ben Affleck, Whatsherface Kerry, and all those other Rock the Vote nerdburglars will get off your case! There's just one thing to do until we get the elections results back tonight -- um, we mean next month. And that thing is party. Start with the "Election Day Music Blast" hosted by DJ Suicide of 99 JAMZ and DJ Jimmy. The event brings together hip-hop and R&B artists Dynas, Ran Rover, Colosus, and Downsouth D. Boyz, plus headliners Garcia and P.M. -- all of whom will perform live. The event goes down at Club Moz (2333 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood). There's a $10 cover. Call 305-300-2873, or visit


An ancient Chinese secret is being revealed today at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (1799 SE 17th St. Cswy., Fort Lauderdale). Actually, there are about 60 of 'em -- in photographic form -- arriving straight from the 2,700-year-old city of Pingyao, where they were part of the "Chinese Photographers Association 2004 International Photography Festival" exhibit. However, not all the photos are of ancient China; pictures of historic sites and artifacts run side by side with those of the modern world. That means pics of misty rivers, monkeys, and Mao. Also, not all the photographers are Chinese; the exhibit features photos by AIFL students and faculty members as well. The exhibit runs through November 23. Call 954-463-3000.

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