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Artist Karen Rose mixes Freud with Photoshop.
Artist Karen Rose mixes Freud with Photoshop.

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Perhaps the film Nickel and Dime should be called Francs et Euros, considering it comes from the land of beret-wearing fashionistas and overpriced café au laits. Regardless, the French film's director, Patrick Gimenez, is here in the States to introduce his movie, which is about a guy who gets sprung from the can only to rejoin his criminal pals in a misguided scheme. The movie will be screened at 6:30 tonight at Sunrise Cinemas Mizner Park (301 Plaza Real, Boca Raton). It costs $22 (Hey, would ya like some more cheese with that whine? No complaining; it'd cost 30 percent more in Paris!) and includes dessert and coffee. Call 561-392-2500.


Alternative Southern music. Now, there's a label Colonel Bruce Hampton probably had no idea he'd be branded with when he first picked up a guitar back in the '60s. But more than three decades and several bands later -- including the Hampton Grease Band, New Ice Age, Late Bronze Age, and Aquarium Rescue Unit -- the Colonel's still got hold of his secret recipe. With his latest band, Colonel Bruce Hampton and the Codetalkers, Hampton continues on his quest to bust out all manner of rhythm, blues, and lyrical exploration. The self-described poet, philosopher, parlor psychic, and vocal expressionist stretches the rhythmic horizon from songs like the jazzy, laid-back "Body in the Lake" to the upbeat, ska-influenced "Isles of Langerhan." If Hampton is talking in code, it's one that's easily understandable. The Colonel performs at 8 tonight at the Culture Room (3045 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale). Admission costs $8 to $10. Call 954-564-1074.


You may be one of the aspiring young skaters who went to last weekend's Warped Tour and thought, "Shucks, that should be me riding that half-pipe!" Or you might have simply been one of countless bemused spectators wondering how the hell the boards stay on their feet some eight feet above the coping. Either way, you probably don't want to miss today's Skateboarding and Inline Skating Contest at Tim Huxhold Skate Park (400 Crawford Blvd., Boca Raton). The all-cement park's got plenty of quarter-pipes, rails, ledges, banks, and the ever-essential pyramid for proving you can do those switch hardflips on more than just flat ground. And yes -- you have to wear protective gear. As long as you land your tricks, who cares if you look cool... right? The contest takes place from noon to 3 p.m. and costs $10 to enter. Preregistration is due by 11:30 a.m. Call 561-393-7818.


Perhaps you've been living under a very unhip rock and you're unaware that the beautiful people from South Beach have migrated north for the summer -- all the way to Hollywood. On Sundays, the place to dock your yacht is Nikki Marina (3660 S. Ocean Dr.). Spend the day in your bathers, mojito firmly planted in hand, and drink up -- you're not going anywhere today! The drink specials and famous Nikki brunch start at noon; live music on the dock begins at 4 p.m., and the dance party starts at 8 p.m. and lasts till 2 a.m. -- which, technically, is Monday. For $34.95 you get brunch and mimosas. Call 954-602-8750, or visit


There are many ways to get rid of your love handles -- the South Beach Diet, jogging, starvation -- but none quite so fun as hipping and hopping in the adult hip-hop dance classes offered at the University Center for the Performing Arts (2240 SW 70th Ave., Davie). Dreadlocked, six-packed master of movement Pablo Malco has worked with Will Smith, Ricky Martin, and Paula Abdul, and now he wants to work you over. During each class, you'll warm up, exercise across the floor, and learn a center combination. It costs $12. If you can't make it tonight from 8 to 9:30, come on Wednesdays or Thursdays to work with choreographers Ken Benjamin or Athena Nobles. Call 954-475-3000.

TUE 10

If Salvador Dalí had used a Macintosh to create his surrealist masterpieces, who knows what he might have come up with? Perhaps his work would resemble that of Delray Beach artist Karen Rose, whose calculated mix of painting, photography, and digital imaging turns the conscious inside out. By manipulating the conventional rules of perspective and shadow, Rose intends for the viewer to see more than just what's on the canvas; her works are as much a reflection of the subconscious as they are images in themselves. Rose calls this cerebralism. In "Sunset Serenade," she blurs the line between foreground and background with seemingly random subject matter strewn throughout. It's a visual exercise in free association. Rose's exhibit "Left-Handed Visions of a Right-Handed World" shows through August 31 at Sugar Sand Park Community Center (300 S. Military Trl., Boca Raton). Call 561-347-3900.

WED 11

Musical comedy duo Marc Ryan and Collin Moulton may not have the blues -- they're simply blue. Really blue. Like, total raunch-o-rama. With songs about sex, clones, sex with clones, and Grandma (don't ask), they're like a South Park version of Simon and Garfunkel. But the show's not just a collection of X-rated campfire songs; the two potty-mouthed comics do their individual standup bits as well. Of course, they don't magically mature once apart; it's all pretty crass. Just think of it as a way to relive your adolescence -- that gloriously carefree time before you had to act all grown-up. You'll walk away singing such lovely tunes as "Self Love, " which has the chorus, "Nobody does me like I do me." Just make sure the song's out of your head come Monday -- you don't want to be heard humming that at work. Ryan and Moulton perform tonight through August 15 at Uncle Funny's Comedy Club (9160 State Rd. 84, Davie). Tickets cost $8 to $15. Call 954-474-5653.


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