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Can Dontrelle  do it again?
Can Dontrelle do it again?

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Come the evening of April 1, you'll be a bit tired and irritated from the onslaught of stupid April Fools' pranks you endured all day. "Your house is on fire... April fool!" "So and so says you're hot... April fool!" Or, worse yet: "I'm giving you a raise... April fool!" Assuming you don't punch anyone out, you'll need a definite release, something hands-on, like playing the drums, but also something relaxing, like sitting around a campfire and telling stories with your friends. Put the two together and you've got the "Campfire Drum Circle" that's happening at the Sabal Palms pavilion in Tree Tops Park (3900 SW 100th Ave., Davie). Set free your inner shaman as you join in the Native American-style drumming, singing, and dancing. Don't have your own drums? No prob; drums and rattles are available. If you do bring your own, though, keep this in mind: no 20-piece double-bass kits. The cost is $5. The circle forms at 7 p.m. Call 954-370-3750.

Fri 2

No way! Who'd have thunk that in the year 2022, New York City would be a sweltering cesspool of overpopulation? Not too far off, right? By then, you'd think the only thing left to eat would be some type of government-issued mixture of soybeans and lentils. Yes, just like in Soylent Green, the 1973 movie that stars Charlton Heston and is showing at the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art (601 Lake Ave., Lake Worth). In the film, Heston plays a police detective investigating the death of a Soylent Corp. official. And like any good corporation in business with Uncle Sam, there's a conspiracy to be found. The late Heston certainly looks better here than in the last major role of his career: as himself, the unrepentant gun nut in Bowling for Columbine. It's a nice change to watch Heston playing a dick, instead of just being a dick. Soylent Green is presented as part of the Cine al Fresco outdoor film series. The free screening starts at 8:30 p.m. Call 561-582-0006.


Poor South Florida bicyclists. All they need is one quick glance at I-95 to see that they're just as endangered as a Choctawhatchee beach mouse. They're outnumbered by invasive alien species like SUVs and the especially alien Honda Elements. They face devastating losses of habitat, as formerly wild riding areas become paved and crowded. This was the problem on March 4, when long-time pedal-pusher Brig "Brian" Edwards struck a car that was parked in the bike lane on a remote road west of Jupiter. Most of Edwards' facial bones were crushed, and he damaged three vertebrae in his neck. He's recovering, thanks, but the only cruising he'll be doing for awhile is to the hospital for surgery. Should this sucky news send all other cyclists scurrying into armored Hummers? No! Make your presence known! Come out for the "Brig Edwards Rally and Ride" that starts at Ocean Cay Park (2188 Marcinski Rd., Jupiter) and ends at the wildlife refuge at the north end of Jupiter Island (that's 25 miles, but they'll have shorter routes as well). It starts at 7:30 a.m. If you can't make it, consider writing a check to help Edwards (and his wife and two children) offset the medical bills. Call 561-313-4491.


Daylight-saving time kicks in today! What better way to celebrate than by slipping into a kayak at sunset, paddling through dense mangrove trails, and witnessing the full moon rise into the night sky? Well, how about having two kayaks -- one for you and one for your honey. The City of Hollywood invites you to join trip leaders for a "Sunset/Full Moon Kayak" evening. It costs $35 per person for ages 14 to adult and $15 for kids under 13, but Hollywood residents get the two-for-one special. You'll launch from Holland Park (Johnson Street and Northlake Drive) at 5:30 p.m. and return at 10. Call the instructor, Colleen, at 954-328-5231 to register.


Despite the high-flying action and big-budget special effects of the modern motion picture, some things haven't changed since the early days of the medium; namely, plot. Take for instance, 1928's The Crowd, the silent movie that's showing at Delray Beach Library (29 SE Fourth Ave., Delray Beach). This has the classic story line: A working-class couple struggles to get ahead but never quite makes it. All they got in their Christmas stocking was a big lump of coal. Doesn't quite sound like they were "keeping cool" with Coolidge, huh? Imagine how much more anger the film could possess with a little sound. Maybe get Michael Moore involved. Add a little hip-hop and it's time for a remake. Until then, you can watch the film accompanied by the piano stylings of Harry Weiss. The crowd forms at 1 p.m.

Call 561-266-9490.


Play ball! Or just watch it. The World Champion Florida Marlins open their 2004 season today against the Montreal Expos at Pro Player Stadium (2269 Dan Marino Blvd., Miami). The Fish re-signed third-baseman Mike Lowell, second-baseman Luis Castillo, and skipper Jack McKeon, among others. Ivan Rodriguez and Derek Lee are gone. However, backstop Ramon Castro promises to fill Pudge's shoes quite adequately, and newcomer Hee Soep Choi adds a much-needed lefty power bat at first. Some think this team could actually be better than last year's. Miguel Cabrera's raw talent will be here from the get-go this season, and young guys like Josh Beckett and Dontrelle Willis are another year older and wiser. Tickets range from $3 to $60. The game starts at 1:05 p.m. Call 305-626-7328.


Get down with Gordon Brown when the photography expert yaks at the Palm Beach Photographic Center (55 NE Second Ave., Delray Beach). Brown spent 33 years fiddling with pictures at Eastman Kodak Co. Now, in his "retirement," he serves as a Kodak Digital Ambassador, teaching folks all over the world how to use scanners, SmartCards, Photoshop, and all that lovely technojunk. He holds a master's degree in education and a B.S. in photographic science -- so he should be able to BS about "Getting the Best from Your Digital Camera" for an hour or two. The lecture costs five beans. Call 561-276-9797.


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