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Norton celebrates America

THU 7/10

The Broward County chapter of the Florida Trail Association holds its monthly meeting at 7:30 p.m. at the Fern Forest Nature Center (201 Lyons Rd., Coconut Creek). At each of the association's meetings, nature-conscious granola eaters listen to the wise words of an environmentalist or world traveler who has hiked places the group only dreams of going; some bearded dude who just got back from the Himalayas would be a prime example. This month is no different, but for one thing: Speaker Claudine Laabs not only went on a recent trip to the upper Amazon but she's also a professional photographer. She has traveled to the Amazon several times since 1984 and has seen more flora and fauna than you have in your dreams. Interested? Admission is free. Call 954-970-0150.

FRI 7/11

Old Davie School Historical Museum (6650 Griffin Rd., Davie) brings its latest exhibit to an art-hungry public. Painting, mixed-media, sculpture, and photography all contribute to "Landscapes and Life in Florida." The art display features the work of local artists, and their work centers thematically on just what the title suggests. Landscapes, seascapes, and other picturesque, breezy pieces of art have become more than mainstream in South Florida -- indeed, that format appears to be nearly the sum total of artwork produced in South Florida. Head into any office building. Check into any hotel. Somewhere above the reception desk or the two double beds, you will find pastels of palm trees and beaches. But one can only suppose this domination has come about for a reason, and the museum boasts some of the best local examples of the genre in this exhibit, which closes September 29. The opening reception takes place today from 7 to 9 p.m. Admission is free. Call 954-797-1044.

SAT 7/12

According to the national Humane Society, about 8 million to 10 million abandoned dogs enter the adoption system every year, and up to half of these will never be adopted. That's right. Here in the U.S. of A. alone, we kill off 4 million to 5 million puppy dogs each and every year. The ones that don't get picked up are usually sad cases -- too old, never properly trained, just plain ugly, and so on. Broward County accounts for thousands of the millions of dogs in question. So if you're looking for a man's best friend, take one off the county's hands from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Brian Piccolo Park (9501 Sheridan St., Cooper City) during its "Pet Adoptions in the Park" event. It costs $60 per pet, pending application approval, a small price to pay for years of unconditional doggy love. And if you already have a hound but he's due for his shots, Pompano Beach Highlands Park (1650 NE 50th Ct., Pompano Beach) holds a low-cost pet vaccination clinic from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. today. Rabies shots cost just $5. Call 954-437-2600 (pet adoptions) or 954-360-1383 (vaccinations).

SUN 7/13

Siggy Freud gave a whole new meaning to "family relations" with his postulation of the Oedipus complex (well, actually Oedipus was first, but Freud, like all good neurotics, gave him a complex), but director Michael Rutenberg has decided to translate and revamp the ancient incestuous story for a new setting: the future. Oedipus gets booted into the immediate future in Rutenberg's new version, and you can check it out at the Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre (640 N. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale). Yes, you heard right. Just don't bring the kids unless you're into impromptu therapy sessions. Show starts at 2 p.m. Tickets cost $20, $10 with student I.D. Call 954-427-0784.

MON 7/14

Looking for some creative adult entertainment? The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood (1650 Harrison St., Hollywood) has just the thing to get your creative "juices" flowing. Adult art classes! The second session of adult art classes starts today and runs through Friday, August 8. Curious parties can select from "Ceramic Sculpture," "Block Printing II," and "Figure Drawing" or perfect their brush strokes with "Figure Painting," or the lewd and lascivious favorite "Out of My Gourd II" (we're assuming this means painting large gourds, but we'll leave it up to your imagination). Classes are taught Mondays and Wednesdays, and Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6 to 8 p.m. To register, call 954-921-3274, ext. 232, or visit

TUE 7/15

SoCal hardcore punk band Beauty to Ashes comes to the Pompano Indoor Skatepark (2171 Blount Rd., Pompano Beach), ostensibly to celebrate the recent release of its first full-length album, Reproduce the Common Practice, despite the fact that the record in question has been out for almost a year. Still, for fans of the metal-punk fusion that seems to be the future of hardcore, Beauty to Ashes should be worth a listen. Thirty Called Arson, Into the Moat, and Seven Feet open for the boys of Beauty at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $7, and all ages are welcome. Call 954-979-7966.

WED 7/16

Even though the Fourth of July is over, it's never too late to keep celebrating how great America is. "An American Celebration: Recent Gifts to the Permanent Collection" is the new exhibit at Norton Museum of Art (1451 S. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach). The collection features six American impressionist and early modernist paintings by Frederick Frieseke, Abbott Fuller Graves, and Louis Ritman, among others. The collection also features 18 works by American artists such as Mary Cassatt, Robert Henri, Maurice Prendergast, John Sloan, and Walt Kuhn. And how could an all-American exhibit be complete without a special addition from ol' Norman Rockwell? His painting Tea Time, as well as a work by James Brooks, rounds out the special collection, which runs through October 19. Call 561-832-5196, or visit

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