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Threeways and Four

The Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Fort Lauderdale kicks off on Thursday with King Size, a French sex musical about polygamy. It dares to pose and answer the million-dollar question: can three people have a happy relationship, or are all so-called “throuples” doomed to dissolution?

For a long time, filmmaker Maria Beatty has dominated the “erotic-noir lesbian fetish” genre. Her latest film, Bandaged, is the story of a teenager girl who’s disfigured by a chemical accident. Straight out of a porn movie (or maybe a ΄50s detective flick), a sultry nurse comes to care for the girl in her convalescence. The nurse does a lot more than change the bedpans, and the two of them get down. But the girl’s face is bound up like a mummy’s. When the bandages come off, what happens to the lust? Bandaged shows on Friday along with Dream Boy, another compellingly fucked-up teen-love saga — this one set in the boondocks of Louisiana, where gay trysts seldom end well.

Saturday brings a crime thriller, XXY, about an armed intersex boy in Argentina. On Sunday, The Country Teacher will serve up an old-fashioned love triangle involving a teenage boy, a teacher, and a horny widow in the Czech countryside — with a vengeful stalker ex from the city thrown in for good measure.

The Gay and Lesbian Film Festival takes place at Sunrise Cinemas Gateway, at 1820 E. Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, Thursday through Sunday. Tickets cost $11 or less. For full listings and showtimes, call 954-763-7994, or visit
April 30-May 3, 2009


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