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Having a beach party? Bring Thor!
Having a beach party? Bring Thor!

Thunderous Rawk

Thor, baby! Where have you been? "In Vancouver, British Columbia," the mighty icon of rock says via telephone. "It is great to be amongst the trees and the owls. Very much like Norway."

And what have you been doing since you unleashed the anthem "Thunder on the Tundra" in '84? "Putting out records through independent labels. I started my comeback in '97 with Ride of the Chariots. In 2003, I did Beast Women from the Center of the Earth, which came with a comic book. But I only did spot touring. This time, it's gonna be a full-on blitz."

Are you still rocking the Fabio-style hairdo? "It's a little more spiky right now. I'm like the Dark Knight, the Batman of rock. I've got new costumes and a whole array of new helmets!"


Thor the Rock Warrior

Sam Ash Theater, 5460 W. Sample Rd., Margate

Free show! 7 p.m. Friday, July 22. Call 954-975-3390.

And your loincloth? "When I train, I use that."

So you've still got the bod that earned you titles like Mr. North America, Mr. Canada, and Mr. Teenage USA? "I've been training real hard. A health franchise in New York is releasing its Mighty Thor Shake tonight -- it's a protein shake, with bananas, high protein, chocolate, and molasses. I'm flattered."

You need your strength to support the new album, Thor vs. the World. "The album is about having adversaries that you have to battle against. It's about positive thinking. On stage, I have creatures coming out at me, and I have to battle them. I'll be doing some steel-bar bending and a few other surprises. But I have to be careful. In some venues, I can't smash concrete blocks -- but I gotta be swinging maces."

How many weapons do you have? "I've got, like, Thor's hammer -- ten of those. Six axes, swords... I'm big on masks."

Tell us about the music. "It's different styles -- it blends the New York Dolls, AC/DC, Bowie, Alice Cooper. I just think it's a fun album if you're having a beach party. I'm always looking at the positive side... Like Thor going against aliens from space he's gotta overcome, or a love interest."

And you're starting the tour in... Margate? "Yeah. I never came to South Florida. I look forward to launching the tour there. My fans are amazing. There's the Kiss Army, and then there's the Thor Korr. They come with swords and helmets and know all the songs. But I'm gaining a lot of new fans. I think there was a time, when Elvis came, rock 'n' roll was a growing thing. But rock 'n' roll was forgotten. It's new again for young fans. I'm up there waving the flag for rock to come back again."

We have hurricanes here; you're the God of Thunder, and we're a little suspicious... "Who's in control of that is Odin, the God of Gods. He knows I'm going on tour. He's the guy sending 'em in."

Does your wife, Cherry Bomb, still tour with you? "No... We broke up."

Sorry to hear that. "That's rock 'n' roll."


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