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To Be a Superhero or Remain Goth?

We have seen the DJs of Black Fridays play records to a pack of goths and rivetheads, folks who flock to the industrial-music scene, at the Green Room in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Working themselves up into such a frenzy stirred by the gloomy passion provided by the Cure and the Smiths, the only way to get out all that's stored inside their bodies is to keep dancing. They burst out into such epic goth moves -- arms flailing while stepping back and forth. Have you ever heard of industrial music -- Nitzer Ebb, Nine Inch Nails, and Ministry? That shit is so dense and booming, you stomp, you dance-march. That weekly night combined with a Holiday Cosplay party, which then triples as a toy drive for Kids in Distress, is what makes this evening a perfect storm of intrigue. We wonder if there will be more folks dressed as supervillains than the good guys. Ganked from the most apt Facebook profile description, the people who inspire Black Friday are Robert Smith, Peter Murphy, and Trent Reznor -- surely they are superheroes (in our eyes), but they are not Superman or Professor Xavier. Batman's dark enough. What are Black Friday's favorite flicks? Hellraiser, Lost Highway, and City of Lost Children. The host of "SuperHero's Save the Holidays: Black Fridays Holiday Cosplay Party!" will be I Am Logan, Wolverine himself, a man whose website,, is worth checking out if you want to buy claws and other X-Men apparel. If you donate a toy, you get a free drink. Doors open at 10 p.m. for Black Fridays at the Green Room (100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale). You must be at least 21. No cover. "Like" Green Room on Facebook for more info.
Fri., Dec. 2, 10 p.m., 2011


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