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Today You're the Superhero!

For years you’ve been supporting your favorite comic book heroes. When Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy got addicted to heroin, you were there to help him get clean. When Captain America and Superman each died in the line of duty, your mournful tributes (read: dollars!) brought them back from the grave. And don’t even get started on Batman — by now, you’ve practically subsidized the entire Batcave.

It’s time these ungrateful characters showed their appreciation for all their fans do, and today they will. The first Saturday in May marks the arrival of Free Comic Book Day, a global holiday now in its seventh year. All you have to do to participate is show up at your favorite local retailer, and they’ll reward you with any number of selected titles from a whole mess of different publishers, all for free. Some of the books will be available at most shops, like an exclusive copy of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, Bongo Comic’s Free-for-All featuring the Simpsons, and a reprint of All-Star Superman #1, which delves into the mythology behind the caped-crusader. Others, like E.C. Comics’ Tales from the Crypt sampler, will vary from store to store.

War & Pieces (3716 Davie Rd., Davie) is doing a bit more than just giving away the comics. In addition to offering a selection of the FCBD releases, the store will feature free copies of Ozone, Riftor, and Renaissance from local publishers Outerverse Productions, as well as Sons of Babylon from Saint James Comics. They’ll also be showcasing the work of 12 local comic artists in a gallery adjacent to the store, and will hold a special session of their Sunday Comic Book Workshop to reveal the progress on the workshop’s collaborative piece, The Mysterious Adventures of Mr. E. We also hear Batman will be in attendance, hanging with customers and posing for pictures, and there will be free hot dogs courtesy of Char Hut. Call 954-797-6080.

Lost Realms (7710 NW 56th Way, Ste. 100, Pompano Beach) is also going to offer some extra incentive to come out for FCBD. The Superhero Alliance — an organized group of costumed convention-goers — will be descending on the shop to hand out comics and keep the peace, and the store will be holding raffles and giveaways throughout the day. Top prizes? A signed, variant cover edition of Captain America #34, plus tickets to the upcoming Anime Supercon. Sweet. Call 954-427-1694.
Sat., May 3, 2008


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