Trim that Tree

Aren’t you tired of making every errand on your list about others? You should be. Taking a little time for you is the key to enjoying the holidays. Totally Bare Wax Center (2394 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale) agrees. That’s why it’s giving you a gift: your first eyebrow, lip, underarm, or bikini wax is completely free. See, Totally Bare is also totally new: the center just opened last week and it’s pretty sure you’ll go back for seconds and thirds after you try out the facility. It’s a win-win. The best part? Just think of the time you’re saving: you won’t have to Photoshop out your shadowy upper lip from this year’s batch of Christmas photos. That’s enough to get your sleigh bells ringaling. Call 954-640-2273 for an appointment, freebies last through the end of December. (If skincare is more your bag, you can also get 20% off a facial.)
Dec. 23-31, 2007

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