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Triple Play

Nobody meets all of his or her deadlines. It’s OK to let fixable ones slide (oops, sorry Tax Day!), just as long as you make the ones that really matter. Take, for example, this weekend’s final showing of three awesome exhibits at the Dorsch Gallery (151 NW 24th St., Miami); that’s a must-do.

If art as a metaphor for society's alienation of individuals intrigues you, then Amanda Burnham's “Rite of Way” should be up your alley. Elisabeth Condon's “Seuss Dynasty” is an eclectic bit of whimsy, combining Chinese Yuan Dynasty influences and Dr. Seuss with some of Los Angeles’ most exaggerated foliage. And “Waiting” by Grant Haffner features linear landscapes which are fascinatingly stark yet colorful depictions of the East End of Long Island, New York. Catch them today and tomorrow. Call 305-576-1278 or visit for more information.
April 26-May 3, 2008


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