Under The Big Top

“Political Circus,” the newest exhibit at the Ritter Art Gallery at FAU (777 Glades Rd., Boca Raton), doesn’t mince about with its commentary on American political discourse. And why should it? No approach other than a candid one could crack the façade of the political manifestation that at once pegged Hillary Clinton as too emotionless, yet berated her for crying publicly, or posited that Barack Obama wasn’t black enough for African-American voters. Which isn’t to say “Circus” is simply a blunt instrument — it’s just unapologetically honest. The exhibit is split into three rings (naturally), each offering a slightly different perspective on the chaos. The first ring consists of found imagery: promotional and attack material selected to illustrate the racism and misogyny prevalent in the current election. (The hard part must’ve been boiling it down to so few.) The second ring allows artists to give their take on the process, with emotions ranging from sadness to outrage to satire. The final ring is one of reflection: a selection of works from private collections that offer a valuable point of comparison to our current dialogue. If you find you need some perspective as the election draws closer, then you’re in luck: “Political Circus” will stay on view until November 1. Admission is free. Call 561-297-2966, or visit www.fau.edu/galleries.
Sept. 14-Nov. 1, 2008

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