Upper-West-Middle-Side Class Anxiety

While The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife garnered only middling reviews when it opened Broadway, it nevertheless played nightly to packed houses for 777 performances. Why? Because it was so damned acute: The story of Marjorie, an upper-middle-class housewife and aspiring aesthete of the Upper West Side whose midlife crisis has convinced her that she’ll never be as artsy, smart, sexy, or goodhearted as the fashionable people around her spoke directly to certain Manhattanites’ deepest anxieties. Now it’s running at the Pines Island Community Center (3801 S. Pine Island Road, Davie), courtesy of the Actors Community Theatre of Davie, and it needn’t speak to your anxieties at all: You can just laugh at these poor sops and marvel that folks with so much can get worked up over so little. Tickets cost $10 at the door. Visit  davie-fl.gov.
Feb. 17-19; Feb. 24-26, 2012


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