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Vassman, Huh?

When Jon Daly’s riveting indie film The Aryan Couple debuted in November 2004, most movies theaters weren't on the shortlist for the initial screenings. So now that the film’s finally here – showing at various theaters in Broward and Palm Beach counties – let’s hope its stay is longer than a week. Set in World War II-era Germany, Daly’s film follows the Krauzenbergs, a wealthy Jewish couple who agree to give the Nazis their business in return for the safe passage of their entire family out of Germany. It’s a precarious situation, to be sure (can they really trust the Nazis?), but gets even more complicated. Hans and Ingrid Vassman, the Krauzenbergs’ would-be Aryan servants, reveal their Jewish heritage… but it’s too late. The Vassmans must find their own way out. Their only hope lies in surviving the scariest game of good cop/bad cop ever played – the power struggle between Heinrich Himmler and Adolph Eichmann. The Aryan Couple opens Friday and runs through at least March 2. Check local showtimes in the Film section.
Feb. 24-March 2


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