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Vinyl Fetish Night

You may not need a new excuse to visit independent music store Radio-Active Records, but you probably need a justification for hanging out inside the shop for as long as you do — fondling all the new releases, peeking over cute customers’ shoulders to see what they’re flipping through, and lurking at the cash register for staff recommendations. So we present you with this option: RPM — A Monthly Vinyl Night. This monthly DJ series at the shop will feature a different DJ each time spinning new and classic vinyl from a variety of genres. Tonight’s guest DJ is Mikey Ramirez, who also happens to be operations manager at the shop. You can hang around, eat free pizza, peruse the inventory, and geek out on musical knowledge until your little heart’s content. “The focus is to create a relaxed atmosphere at the record store where you will be introduced to new sounds and like-minded people,” says Ramirez. “I will be recording every set to possibly release as a mixtape at a later date.” Besides the pizza and records, both Revolution Live and Live Nation have signed up as sponsors of the night, so this means concert-ticket giveaways to a select few participants.
Thu., May 29, 6 p.m., 2014


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