Walk, Don’t Run

With consumerism and capitalism taking a hit this holiday season, we urge you to stand up to one more enemy of the people: Big Parade.

What’s that? You like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, its mega balloons not-so-subtly priming youngsters to ask, nay, demand the latest toy from a thinly disguised advertisement (they call it a “television show”)? We are talking about a holiday institution that has canonized both Barney and Baby Shamu.

Today when you’re craving a throng of strangers moving in unison to the tune of holiday anthems, we suggest Delray Beach’s Annual Holiday Parade. This year’s theme, “A Traditional Holiday,” promises Santa Claus riding on a vehicle whose rep hasn’t suffered in the past year – a fire truck. What, no Prius? The parade starts at 6 p.m. and heads west on Atlantic Avenue (from Venetian Drive), then ends at the Tennis Center (201 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach).
Sat., Dec. 13, 2008

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