Warning: Grandma Jokes

Among the comedians performing at “Funny Business” is Kirkland Meadows, who may dedicate his performance tonight to his grandmother, who is somewhere looking down on him — not because she’s dead but because she’s arrogant. Ba dum tsh (his joke).

See, “Funny Business,” will be a not-at all-serious but substantial gathering of some of the area’s finest comedic talent in a variety of forms — standup, sketch, and improv. And as a bonus, there will be some music and poetry. You might enter the Monterey Club all wound up and stressed out, but soon these comedians will start unraveling your spaghetti-ball brains until you break into redeeming laughter. But let’s hope Meadows and the rest of the acts can joke appropriately.

If not, luckily, as far as we’ve seen, grandmas don’t frequent the Monterey Club (2608 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale). Seriously now, what’s the deal with people making jokes about their grandmas? If there is one group of people in South Florida whom we don’t want to anger to the point of collective revolt (and therefore would be wise not to stereotype), it’s the grannies. Just one more grandma joke may send an electrical signal through the whole colony, err, condominium, igniting a relentless attack. Imagine them organizing — armed with Town Cars, loaded Depends, and Twitter (oh yes, they are hip to 21st-century revolutionary tactics) — functioning like fire ants.

The jokes begin flying at 9 p.m., and there is a suggested donation of $8. Call 954-673-5124, or visit themontereyclub.net.
Thu., March 31, 9 p.m., 2011

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