White Noise, Green Screens

One of the many utilities of art (aside from looking all purdy-like), is its ability to capture the past, and provide permanence to fleeting thoughts and memories. This is the point of Vanessa Tomchick’s “Greenscreen Series, Recent Paintings,” the latest exhibit to set up shop in the Focus South Florida Project Room, a space for emergent local artists at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood (1650 Harrison St., Hollywood). In her work, Tomchick confronts the idea of memories as stored data by distorting paintings and photographs over a large green canvas. These reflections of the past have been severed into thin, rectangular strips that hover out of place; like a digital transmission that’s been compressed far too much. Perhaps Tomchick is giving us a warning about the shortcomings of the digital age, but her pieces also pose another question: Don’t our own analog memories work the same? Discover the truth for yourself when “Greenscreen Series, Recent Paintings” appears through August 10. Admission costs $7. Call 954-921-3274, or visit www.artandculturecenter.org.
July 11-Aug. 10, 2008

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