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Who Done It

How about a Sunday brunch with a side of mystery? No, not of the mystery-meat variety, because that would be way too scary. Instead, the suggestion here is to feast on a good meal while live theater is performed tableside. This Sunday's Murder Is Served at Knights Inn in Hallandale Beach will feature a gluttonous meal with a side of talented actress/director Barbara Fox. Each character has his or her own ordeal going while out on a cruise ship together. The ship's director is weird, the captain has an anxiety issue that a Xanax couldn't fix, and the sinister gambler is not to be trusted. The story gets even stranger once the fortuneteller appears and someone is killed. But who's the killer? As the audience dines on omelets and sips coffee, it too becomes part of the cast. Audience members are to read from the script, examine clues, and help solve the crime all Dick Tracy style and all. The suspense will build even for the participating audience members, because the unsuspecting killer is never the obvious choice. Pick up a fork and find out who done it 11 a.m. Sunday at Knights Inn, 26 Diplomat Parkway in Hallandale. To reserve a seat, visit, or call 786-683-6078. Tickets cost $50 per person.
Sun., Nov. 17, 11 a.m., 2013


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