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Wild Hair at the Kravis Center

Hair is one of those musicals that ensures Broadway will never go out of business. Parents with young children should be warned about a short nude scene. The Kravis Center's disclaimer says: "While many find this show suitable for young adults (13 and older), parental discretion is advised. There is a dimly lit 20-second scene with nudity that is non-sexual in nature." Well, give me chills or get the heck out! That's a musical worth seeing. It was first performed in the 1960s amid the sexual revolution and Vietnam War -- the play's musical numbers about illegal drug use and sexuality caused extreme controversy. Now Hair is a performance that's billed as a play that "speaks to a whole new generation." Time magazine also said that "Today Hair seems, if anything, more daring than ever."

The Kravis Center's Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. Concert Hall will host Hair from Tuesday to January 15. Tickets cost $25 to $65 and can be purchased at . Visit
Jan. 10-15, 2012


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