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Work Out Last Night's Kinks

Your leather/latex evil pixie costume is entirely too ornate to be shelved after Halloween night. It deserves resurrection. Febreze that sucker and yank it back on, because tonight things are getting lusty. Electrolusty. Labeled as a “kinky vampire fetish rave,” Electrolust is the best place to be if you’re looking for a huge variety of darkly spinning djs, bitchin’ costume contests (there’s an award for sexiest zombie), or just a little off-kilter necking. You’ll get an eyeful of seduction as well-coordinated fetish artists perform live stage shows. (We know, ordinary Joes just can’t bend that way. Don’t feel blue.) Channel Alex Grey, Anne Rice, or your favorite computer hacker for costume inspiration — but do make it fashionable. Dress code is strictly enforced. The party is for ages 18 and up, but drinking is reserved for those 21 and up. (Sorry, kiddos!) Tickets cost $10 in advance and more at Club X-It’s door (219 N. 21 Ave., Hollywood). Get them at
Sat., Nov. 1, 2008


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