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Wrap Your Lips Around This

Publix’ produce section will seem quite different after sex therapist Lori Sarvis teaches you how to blow a banana and seduce strawberries during her “Art of Oral Sex” class. And don’t even ask what the woman has in mind for the whipped cream. [“It represents moisture inside a woman,” Sarvis coos.] Before you get alarmed, know this: It’s not a vulgar event — though some of the terminology may shock you — and everyone gets to keep his or her clothes on. “Nobody will be put on the spot,” Sarvis promises. Of course, she might drop bombs like, “Did you know it generally takes about 20 minutes to get a woman aroused?”

Her audience runs the gambit in age and gender, so c’mon, don’t be embarrassed! Even if you think you could teach the class, you might surprise yourself and learn a trick or two; the class covers the art of tongue massaging, licking, biting, dirty talking, sensitivity, timing, passion, and spanking. Isn’t it worth the $35 per person registration fee ($65 per couple) to become a better lover? Bet your partner would gladly shell out the money; it’s easier than explaining you suck in bed… and not in a pleasurable way. Get tongue twisted at Muddy Waters (2237 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Deerfield Beach) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call 866-954-0410, or visit
Sat., June 7, 2008


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