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Wrestling: Beyond the Thumb

Professional wrestling has a figure-four leg-lock on Frank Munguia’s heart. He’s spent his entire adult life – or at least the last 17 years of it – involved in all aspects of the table-smashing, spine-thrashing, spandex-ripping sport. He’s acted, promoted, filmed, toured, and, yes, even wrestled to keep crowds engaged. In the last couple of years he’s founded D1PW (Division One Pro Wrestling) by recruiting enthusiastic talent and then dividing them into heroes and villains. “Whether they love you or they hate you doesn’t matter, as long as there’s energy,” he explains.

Frank should know. While in real life his devotion to D1PW is inarguable, his stage character’s loyalties are often dubious, making him the kinda slippery sort that folks just love to hate. “Hey, if people can get their life’s frustrations out by yelling at me, so be it!” chuckles Munguia. Audience interaction is so important to an event’s success that Frank’s wrestlers are willing to push the boundaries of good taste to keep those seat-warmers salivating for more. Like at tonight’s grudge match between the Lifeguards and the Dynamic Duo, for example. Here’s the abbreviated back story: They hate each other. With that said, the loser of tonight’s event “D1PW Dogfight” will have their noses rubbed in their error when they shamefully consume a can of dogfood in front of all those packing the Davie PAL Gymnasium (4300 SW 57 Terr., Davie). Let the spandex snapping begin! Tickets range $5 to $12.


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