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The Heavy Pets Culture Room $12
Roosevelt Collier Culture Room $12
The Funky Nuggets Culture Room $12
B.B. King’s All-Star Band B.B. King's Free
Raggy Monster Respectable Street $10
Lavola Respectable Street $10
Johnny Raincloud and ... Respectable Street $10
The Psymatics Respectable Street $10
DJ Derek Walin Vibe Free
Damon Fowler The Funky Biscuit $15-$25
JP Soars & the Red Hots The Funky Biscuit $15-$25
Routine Scheme Propaganda Free-$7
The Muggles Propaganda Free-$7
'84 SheepDog Propaganda Free-$7
DJ Gio Lucky's Tavern Free
VJ Roll-e Lucky's Tavern Free
DJ Hax Rock Bar Free
The Symphonia Boca Raton All Saints Church $30
Mei Mei Luo All Saints Church $30
David Kim All Saints Church $30
Martha Bartz Arts Garage $25-$240
Mory Ortman Arts Garage $25-$240
Awkward Kisser Churchill's Pub $8
Allergy Churchill's Pub $8
Permanent Makeup Churchill's Pub $8
Ironing Churchill's Pub $8
Nunhex Churchill's Pub $8
Backslider Churchill's Pub $8
Dimpast Churchill's Pub $8
Knife Hits Churchill's Pub $8
Devalued Churchill's Pub $8
Vermin Churchill's Pub $8
Gross Churchill's Pub $8
Shitstorm Churchill's Pub $8
Robin Spielberg Helen K. Persson R... $35
Entertainers Showcase HG Roosters Free
Russell P. King's Head Pub Free
DJ Malone Murphy's Law Irish Pub Free
DJ X Paladium Night Club $15-$25
DJ Rivera Paladium Night Club $15-$25
DJ Obscene Passion Nightclub Free
Danny Garcia and Carl... Sangria's Free
Gay Men's Chorus of S... Sunshine Cathedral $35-$45
Silent Authority Sweat Records $8
Bruiser Sweat Records $8
Neat Freak Sweat Records $8
Act of Impalment Sweat Records $8
False Punk Sweat Records $8
Wet Nurse Sweat Records $8
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