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America's Backyard

America's Backyard

America's Backyard, it turns out, is nothing short of a huge pool party where the pool is swimming with bartenders and the deep end overflows with sparkling alcohol.
Ed & Elaine's Tiki Hut

Ed & Elaine's Tiki Hut

There's no door, no sign, no cash register — just a thatched-roof hut decorated with bric-a-brac and a couple of tables nestled right on the shore of the Intracoastal, hidden just south of the Dania Beach pier.
Round Up

Round Up

This good-ol'-boy bar is a needle in a haystack off 595 in the back of a strip mall. But don't be fooled by the suburban-sprawl exterior; this place is all Texas heart on the inside.

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  • Captain Tonys

    Captain Tonys

    428 Green St. Key West, FL 33040

  • Club Sin Complex

    313 Clematis St. Summerland Key, FL 33042

  • Hog's Breath

    400 Front St. Key West, FL 33040

  • Irish Kevin's

    211 Duval St. Key West, FL 33040

    Irish Kevin's is located on ultra busy Duval Street, so it's packed all day long and gets so crowded at night it's nearly impossible to get drinks without muscling your way through hundreds of people. When you do manage to belly up to the bar, order a Green Alligator, an $8 cocktail made with Bacardi Limon and 151 that will make the wait for your next drink very easy. Read more about Irish Kevin's >>

  • Island Dogs Bar

    505 Front St. Key West, FL 33040

    Only a few hundred feet off Duval Street, Island Dogs couldn't seem further away from that hustle and bustle. The laid back, super chic atmosphere is way more hipster than anything you'll find on the island. Plenty of televisions, an extensive menu, and well made drinks served by pleasant bartenders make Island Dogs a place to get away while you're away. Read more about Island Dogs Bar >>

  • Mangoes


    700 Duval St. Key West, FL 33040

  • The Rum Barrel

    528 Front St. Key West, FL 33040

    There are over 150 different kinds of rum in this Philly loving bar. The Mojitos and Caprihanas are amazing, their cheesesteaks are made with Whiz, and they have a $35 bucket of rum that's strong enough to get five people buzzed or two almost incoherent. Read more about The Rum Barrel >>

  • Sloppy Joe's

    201 Duval St. Key West, FL 33040

  • Splash

    1515 Ocean Bay Drive Key Largo, FL 33037