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America's Backyard

America's Backyard

America's Backyard, it turns out, is nothing short of a huge pool party where the pool is swimming with bartenders and the deep end overflows with sparkling alcohol.
Ed & Elaine's Tiki Hut

Ed & Elaine's Tiki Hut

There's no door, no sign, no cash register — just a thatched-roof hut decorated with bric-a-brac and a couple of tables nestled right on the shore of the Intracoastal, hidden just south of the Dania Beach pier.
Round Up

Round Up

This good-ol'-boy bar is a needle in a haystack off 595 in the back of a strip mall. But don't be fooled by the suburban-sprawl exterior; this place is all Texas heart on the inside.

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  • Aficionado's

    112 S. Flamingo Road Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

  • The Cigar Collection

    527 SW 145th Terrace Miramar, FL 33027

    Buy a stogie, smoke a stogie, wash it down with a beer or a glass of wine, shoot pool, play dominoes, strategize on the chess board, watch the game, or just chill: It's your choice at the Cigar Bar. Read more about this Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach bar or club >>

  • The Polo Club

    5590 Hallandale Beach Blvd. Miramar, FL 33023

  • The Pub at Pembroke

    The Pub at Pembroke

    237 SW 145th Terrace Miramar, FL 33027
    954-430-4230 Sometimes you want to go where everyone is clad in plaid and in a kilt. When your inner Anglophile is craving a well-poured pint and some pub grub, head to the Shops at Pembroke Gardens and hit up the Pub. This kitschy establishment has memorabilia from across the pond lining its walls, beers that make an enthusiast blush, and nibbles from both the U.K. and USA. Whether you pull up a stool or grab a table, be sure to try the fried pickles and the fish and chips. Don't forget to wash it all down with an on-tap ale. Read more about this Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach bar or club >>

  • The Pub

    2101 SW 145th Ave. Miramar, FL 33027
    954-430-4230 It's as authentic as David Beckham. The furniture is importedly Brit-ish. The knickknacks are handcrafted. Yes, yes. But really, who cares? The beer is cold and the brews are as varied as the people of the Kingdom. Read more about this Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach bar or club >>

  • Saffron Lounge at Paella Grill

    12389 Pembroke Road Miramar, FL 33025

  • Stingaz Lounge

    6029 Miramar Parkway Miramar, FL 33027

  • That Wine Place

    That Wine Place

    416 145th Terrace Miramar, FL 33027
    954-602-0000 Situation: you’re tired, it’s Friday night, you’re planning your weekend dinner party, and you need to pick out a wine. You could just run to Publix and pick up a sub and a bottle. Or you could head to That Wine Place in the Shoppes of Pembroke, have a nice little tasting and some tapas. With a large selection of wines by the bottle--over 400--there’s a good chance you’ll find something to love. And you’ll have fun figuring it out. Read more about this Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach bar or club >>

  • Willy

    Willy's Sports Bar

    4426 Hallandale Beach Blvd. Miramar, FL 33023

    Willy's boasts a fiercely local vibe; a friendly, bubbly brunet behind the bar; and a 23-hour liquor license. If things are still raging at 7 a.m., says the bartender, Willy's stays open. Not much fills the semilarge space. Some kegs crowd a wall, surrounded by unused chairs. A couch, which if it could talk would probably cough up a lung, sits against another wall, lonely and straggly. The island bar docks in the middle of the room, while two pool tables sit open and free to anyone. And the patrons vary from irritable to exceptionally friendly; mildly threatening and persistent to wholly inviting and affable. But however they differ in manners, they all share the same wear and tear as the bar they frequent. Willy's tolerates no airs. Expect cheap booze and smoky ambiance. Oh, and there's a shoe stuck on the roof outside for added personality. Read more about this Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach bar or club >>