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Stache 1920's Drinking Den

Stache 1920's Drinking Den

This party enclave caters to the hip: the chic, live-music lovers and those looking for a serious cocktail and a sexy time. The 5,000-square-foot space opened in fall 2013 and boasts gorgeous décor throughout the three-level club.


Lake Worth's indie-music hot spot, Propaganda has the monopoly on good local, original music most nights of the week. If a local band hasn't played the spot, it won't be long.
B.B. King's Restaurant & Blues Club

B.B. King's Restaurant & Blues Club

Catch live blues, rock, reggae, funk, and other acts at this CityPlace venue, where the menu is as soulful as the music. Prices are moderate, though for a few acts, there's a cover charge and limited seating, especially when B.B. and Lucille show up.

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  • 101 Ocean

    101 Ocean

    101 E. Commercial Blvd. Oakland Park, FL 33334
    954-776-8101 Accept this comfortable beachside joint for what it's meant to be: a bar-food-serving, sports-channel-showing, '80s-greatest-hits-playing kind of place. It's a restaurant that had the foresight to set up its own pizza counter, where you can walk the block from the beach to grab a slice. It's got a full, open-air bar with all the accouterments you need to make a tequila sunrise, a frozen daiquiri, a pineapple fizz, or a zombie. Nobody cares if you arrive with sand in your shoes or if you're down to your last 15 bucks - there's something on the menu you can afford. Sliders, fish 'n' chips, paninis, peel 'n' eat shrimp are tops, but steer clear of any muddleheaded gourmet gymnastics. Read more about 101 Ocean >>

  • Alibi

    1100 NE 34th Court Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

  • Area 7 Music and Ale

    Area 7 Music and Ale

    3809 Powerline Road Oakland Park, FL 33309
    954-561-9134 Dark and moody, Area 7 Music and Ale is an off-the-beaten-path kind of hangout for a locals-only crowd. A platform stage surrounded by mirrors near the front door is often occupied by a local rock band trying to make a name for itself. Busty women in corsets fling around the stripper polls and dance in the cages to the alternative music blaring through the speakers. The large wooden bar in the center of the room is filled with tattooed folks sharing stories about being on the road and days gone by. The walls have all the typical bar trimmings, including neon beer signs and electronic dartboards. There are nightly specials throughout the week, including ladies' night and $20 for all you can drink for the guys. Read more about Area 7 Music and Ale >>

  • Boar's Nest West

    381 W. Prospect Road Oakland Park, FL 33309-3927

  • Cheers Food and Spirits

    Cheers Food and Spirits

    941 E. Cypress Creek Rd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
    954-771-6337 In Fort Lauderdale, bars come and go quicker than the tide rolls in, but every now and then, one opens and decades later new generations of locals are filling up the barstools, just like here at Cheers. From neon signs to pool tables and sports memorabilia, the drinking hole has all the quintessential trimmings, but it’s the patrons who give it real character. On weekends, the stage is filled with an array of bands, but during the week, patrons can take their shot on the stage at open-mic night or karaoke. Read more about Cheers Food and Spirits >>

  • Ferguson's Gator Bar & Grill

    555 W. Cypress Creek Road Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-6105

  • Finish Line

    5300 Powerline Road Oakland Park, FL 33309

    Like most sports bars, Finish Line offers booze, pool tables, punch-o-matics, darts, and plasma TVs tuned to ESPN. But what makes Finish Line unique is that NASCAR fans can imitate their favorite drivers on the half-mile track, then watch Junior, Jimmy, and Jeff pound the pavement onscreen. Doing a couple of laps at 40 or 45 mph can be pretty intoxicating in itself, never mind the full bar and the five-for-$10 domestic and five-for-$14 import buckets. Step off the track and onto the checkered-flag floor of Finish Line and you'll know it's time to rev down your engine and pound 'em back. Read more about Finish Line >>

  • Flanigan's Enterprises

    5059 NE 18th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334-5724

  • Florida Bar

    5900 N. Andrews Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

  • Funky Buddha Brewery

    1201 NE 38th St. Oakland Park, FL 33334
    954-440-0046 Funky Buddha is leading the way for the local beer brewing scene in Broward County. The new, state-of-the-art brewery facility in downtown Oakland Park features an enormous tap room with a modern look, flat-screen TVs behind the bar displaying the roster of home-brewed beers currently on tap, and high-top table seating to comfortably accommodate hundreds of guests. Peer behind the large glass windows separating the tap room from the brewing warehouse to get a glimpse of where all that delicious beer comes from before it reaches your taste buds. Besides a wide, rotating selection of craft beers, from the crisp Passionfruit Berliner Weiss to the darker No Crusts PB&J Ale, the Funky Buddha Brewery also features a bocce ball court and plenty of cornhole boards to keep visitors entertained. Stop by to stock up on your favorite brews, hang out and watch a game, and be sure to check in during special events for live music, food trucks, and a bustling crowd of local enthusiasts. Read more about Funky Buddha Brewery >>

  • Granny's

    3236 NE 11th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

  • Jacavela

    3809 Powerline Road Oakland Park, FL 33309-5067

  • Jade Masters Gallery

    3519 NW 10th Ave. Oakland Park, FL 33309

  • Jester

    Jester's Sports Bar

    801 E. Cypress Creek Road Oakland Park, FL 33334

    Fort Lauderdale has a colorful array of landmark drinking holes. Jester's is definitely on that list. A haven for a late-night crowd, this dimly lit bar has seen more love than Cupid. Inside the blue-and-white building, one will find two bars, both having ample seating and barstool neighbors ready to chat. The drink menu isn't all that fancy, but who cares when the prices are just so right? Having more than a dozen TVs, dartboards, and pool tables, the place offers no shortage of toys or drinks to keep its patrons busy. Open until 4 a.m. every night of the week, Jester's laid-back attitude and casual ambiance will have you hooked in no time. Read more about Jester's Sports Bar >>

  • Last Call

    5280 N. State Road 7 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

  • Oasis Pub

    3224 W. Commercial Blvd. Oakland Park, FL 33309

  • Off the Trax

    1595 W. Oakland Park Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

  • Red

    Red's Bar and Package Store

    2610 N. Dixie Highway Oakland Park, FL 33334

  • Scandals Bar & Lounge

    205 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Oakland Park, FL 33334-1155

  • Scandals Saloon

    Scandals Saloon

    3073 NE Sixth Ave. Oakland Park, FL 33334
    954-567-2432 Yeeee-haw! Get out those spurs, 10 gallon hat, and maybe even a pair of ass-less chaps. Also don't forgot to brush up on those line dancing skills, cause Scandals Saloon is the place for the country loving boys. This enormous venue looks like it's right out of a western movie, including an outdoor area that has bales of hay stacked to the sky. Don't worry if those line dancing skills are a little rusty, classes are given throughout the week. So get ready to grab your partner and swing him round and round, because Scandals Saloon isn't your typical nightclub techno bumping place. Read more about Scandals Saloon >>

  • Sonny's Real Pit BBQ

    5401 Powerline Road Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-2801

  • The Stable

    The Stable

    205 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Oakland Park, FL 33334

    The content of the televisions that litter the walls of any given establishment can give a good indication as to the type of people who are likely to hang out and/or work there. The Stable has six TVs: two for news, two for porn, and two for weird YouTube videos (SNL sketches and Chinese gymnastics, for example). So it should be no surprise to find yourself mixing with fun, intelligent, sexy people when you post up here for a night. Try hitting up "Underwear Night" or "Drago" (the Stable's version of Bingo) for some classic Stable revelry. If you're naughty enough, you just might make it on to one of the YouTube TVs someday. Read more about The Stable >>

  • Stout Irish Pub

    Stout Irish Pub

    3419 N. Andrews Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
    754-223-5678 Found in the unlikely neighborhood of Oakland Park is the recently opened Stout Irish Pub. Formerly known as Biddy Early's, this Irish pub has gotten quite a face-lift. Exposed brick walls are covered with a myriad of televisions broadcasting the latest sports happenings. There are even personal TVs in the comfy leather booths. How's that for a game-watching experience? A long bar fills up one end of the room and has plenty of seating for those wanting to do some mingling. With more than 20 beers on draft and several in the bottle, there is no shortage of brews to choose from. Run by the folks of the beachside McSorley's, this casual drinking hole is a cozy spot for a beer away from the downtown hustle. Read more about Stout Irish Pub >>

  • Tequila Sunrise

    Tequila Sunrise

    4711 N. Dixie Highway Oakland Park, FL 33334

  • Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill

    Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill

    4711 N. Dixie Highway Oakland Park, FL 33334
    954-938-4473 Unless they're tiny taco stands, Mexican restaurants are hit-or-miss down here. Tequila Sunrise is almost always a big hit, and the fact that you can get 50 tequilas plus Dos Equis amber on tap (!) is part of the reason. Multiply those factors by the number of margaritas available and you risk the serious possibility that you won't even taste your food - especially if you get your booze in the 46-ounce "fishbowl." You'll find your standard assortment of Tex-Mex delicacies here - including some of the best chile rellenos around - and some offerings you don't find on many Mexican menus (blue crab enchiladas, nachos, and chimichangas, for instance). Though located in an undignified strip mall, the vibe inside is cozy and friendly. Read more about Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill >>

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