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  • Bagels &

    7364 Lake Worth Road Lake Worth, FL 33467

  • Cafe Del Mar

    244 S. Ocean Blvd. Manalapan, FL 33462

  • Cg Cafe

    517 Lake Ave. Lake Worth, FL 33460-3808

  • Coastars Coffee Bar

    12 S. J St. Lake Worth, FL 33460
    561-533-0353 Coastars Coffee Bar takes its brew seriously, but is staunch about remaining unpretentious. You will not find any pompous jargon in this Lake Worth spot’s menu. No WTF macchiatos. No trying to figure out the difference between a latte and a cappuccino. Everything is laid out in plain English, so even the uninitiated coffee drinkers can enjoy. And better yet, this little shop is all about ethics. It purchases coffee directly from internationally-recognized Counter Culture Coffee, a North Carolina roaster known for direct trade and sustainability. Take that, pompous coffee friends. More >>

  • Coastars Coffee Bar

    Coastars Coffee Bar

    12 S. J St. Lake Worth, FL 33460
    561-533-0353 At Coastars Coffee Bar in Lake Worth co-owners Chris Palacio and Elizabeth Brach use specialty ground coffee and a brewing process that we guarantee you won't see happening anywhere else in South Florida. The process begins when your brew "master" weighs and measures the perfect amount of coffee beans for just one cup. Next, a special grind before water -- brought to boil in a kettle to an exact temperature -- is slowly poured until the rich, aromatic liquid fills your cup. The coffee Palacio swears by: Counter Culture Coffee, the shop's signature product. Based in Durham, North Carolina, Counter Culture Coffee globally sources USDA organic coffee cultivated using only sustainable farming methods. At Coastars, it's used to make both hand-drip coffee and espresso drinks. More >>

  • Java Juice Bar

    600 Lake Ave. Lake Worth, FL 33460

  • Julio's Cafe

    2441 10th Ave. N. Lake Worth, FL 33461-3128

  • An Old Family Recipe Cafe

    1500 Lucerne Ave. Lake Worth, FL 33460-3654

  • Scandia Bakery & Coffee Shop

    16 S. Dixie Highway Lake Worth, FL 33460

  • Starbucks

    514 Lake Ave. Lake Worth, FL 33460
    561-582-9791 Since its founding by a trio of aspiring coffee roasters in Seattle in 1971, Starbucks has grown to become the largest coffeehouse in the world, with upwards of 20,000 locations in Broward / Palm Beach and around the world. Named for the chief mate on the whaling ship from Moby Dick, the company didn't begin chasing the Great White Whale of world java domination until the 1990s, by which time it was opening a new store every day. A turbulent economy has since forced it to retrench, but the chain remains a powerhouse both commercially and politically, thanks to its op-ed-penning chairman, Howard Schultz. A purveyor of whole foods, Starbucks typically farms out its secret recipes to a single, Starbucks-owned bakery in each city, and now sells a good deal of its coffee beans at grocery stores. Find any and all local locations on Voice Places. More >>