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  • Bikini Bob's

    555 S. Federal Highway Pompano Beach, FL 33062

  • Briny Irish Pub

    Briny Irish Pub

    3440 E. Atlantic Blvd. Pompano Beach, FL 33062
    954-942-3159 A "traditional" Irish bar located smack dab on the corner of Sleazy Street and NE Drunk Avenue in Pompano. Really doesn't sound like it should work, right? But the clientele that packs the Briny every night (especially Saturday night, when Rob Rage, the Briny's own rock 'n' roll cover band, plays) doesn't give a shit. They're just there to drink, shout incoherently, and hope the room stops spinning before they get thrust out upon the beach at 2 a.m. Actually, it's easy to think the room's spinning even if you're not drunk, since the bar is cluttered with kitschy Florida décor (mounted fish, thick ropes, life preservers, photos of people holding mounted fish and life preservers) and other assorted oddities such as encyclopedias. A word to the bar fight-inclined: The Briny has an extra-long bar top, perfect for throwing the raving lunatic hitting on your girlfriend down the bar, where your friend will have hastily set up a pyramid of beer bottles for him to smack into. More >>

  • Chit Chat

    Chit Chat's Bar

    651 N. Federal Highway Pompano Beach, FL 33062

    All the flashy, thumping clubs that fill our cities are enough to make bargoers nostalgic for the watering holes of bygone days -- the kind in the old Westerns, where folks can drink, dance, and shoot a game of pool. For the city-dwelling cowpokes, there's Chit Chat's Lounge. Chit Chat's is a clean, classic, laid-back spot. Shoot a game of eight ball, hit the dance floor, or kick back and watch one of the many high-definition TVs. And don't be afraid to let a big "Yeehaw!" slip out. More >>

  • Circus Bar

    Circus Bar

    1461 SW 30th Ave. Pompano Beach, FL 33069
    954-973-1483 Let's get one thing straight up front: Clowns are fucking creepy. And circuses are mostly filled with sanctioned animal abuse and freaks who don't believe in gravity (until it hits them in the face). But not all big tops are bad. The Circus Sports Bar and Grill in Pompano has a fantastic collection of clowns and party animals sitting on both sides of the old wooden bar every night. These Ringling-worthy souls won't jump through fire on command or crowd into a tiny car with a bunch of men in makeup (well, maybe after a few drinks). But most of the neighborhood men and women who've been coming here since the '70s will buy a stranger a round and sit around shooting the shit. There's no bearded lady or tight rope, but there are enough pictures of clowns to scare all the children in Florida twice over. Clown paintings, clown drawings, clown sculptures, even a stained-glass clown. Luckily, the friendly faces (and cheap drinks) more than make up for the eerie setting. Plus, it doesn't smell like elephant shit. More >>

  • Edge Logistics

    3129 NW 25th Ave. Pompano Beach, FL 33069-1030

  • The French Place

    360 SE McNab Road Pompano Beach, FL 33060

  • French Quarter Bar & Grill

    French Quarter Bar & Grill

    2341 N. Federal Highway Lighthouse Point, FL 33064
    954-781-5222 For some of us, the French Quarter in New Orleans conjures images of French architecture, lively street musicians, and great food. For others, the quarter is a neon blur of blues bars, beads, and atomic green cocktails. The French Quarter Bar and Grill in Pompano seems to be going for a restaurant/sports bar hybrid - albeit heavy on the sports bar. From the outside, it looks similar to an old Irish Tavern - with a patio bar and Tiki torches. Inside, find oversized booths, a pool table, and several large flat-screen TVs. The restroom stall doors, deftly carved with the names of people to call for a good time, are a special treat. A charming, sun-baked musician may be strumming away and/or an MMA fight may be blaring from the TVs while you peruse the Cajun and Creole goodies. Appetizers include chicken wings, fish dip, and Southwest egg rolls. The New Orleans-influenced offerings include a seafood gumbo and blue cheese oysters. A $17 Cajun trio entrée overflows with shrimp Creole, crawfish étoufée, and jambalaya. Though the jambalaya oddly includes spaghetti noodles, the trio is delightfully filling and "junky," like a dish you'd want to eat after a night of heavy drinking. Which brings us to... cocktails. Although the French Quarter Bar and Grill doesn't have New Orleans' legendary Hand Grenades, it does sell Hurricanes that are prepared using Pat O'Brien's famous mix. Also available at the bar: Voodoo Cherry Kiss Cosmo (a cherry vanilla cosmo) or a Cool Brees (huckleberry-flavored vodka and Red Bull). Hot on the heels of the alcohol pitcher craze, the restaurant serves your choice of liquors - rum, vodka, or coconut rum - with a mixer in flame-red plastic pitchers for just $7.50. Not a bad way to start (or polish off) an evening. More >>

  • Kester Park

    Northeast Sixth Street and Northeast Ninth Avenue Pompano Beach, FL 33060

  • Play By Play

    440 S. Cypress Road Pompano Beach, FL 33060

  • Play By Play Sports Bar & Lounge

    440 S. Cypress Road Pompano Beach, FL 33060

  • Pompano Beach Amphitheatre

    Pompano Beach Amphitheatre

    1806 NE 6th St. Pompano Beach, FL 33060

    Outdoor amphitheatre More >>

  • Pompano Indoor Skatepark

    2171 Blount Road Pompano Beach, FL 33069
    954-979-7966 Skatepark features lots of banks, ledges, quarter pipes, rails, hips, as well as two vert walls and a door gap. There are also paintball facilities and regular all-ages concerts. More >>

  • Student Ministry Center Inc

    371 S. Federal Highway Pompano Beach, FL 33062