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  • 531 East Boutique

    515 Lake Ave. Lake Worth, FL 33460

  • BX Beer Depot

    2964 Second Ave. N. Lake Worth, FL 33461
    561-965-9494 Teach a man to drink, and he can get drunk. But teach a man to brew, and he can get drunk whenever the hell he wants. Learn to brew for yourself at BX Beer Depot. At this homebrew supply shop and informal beer garden, you'll learn all about what makes beer -- grain, malt, water, hops, and yeast -- and how to keep from brewing a bad batch. More >>

  • Chocolate Co.

    609 Lake Ave. Lake Worth, FL 33460

  • Dolce Vita Wines

    9 N. J St. Lake Worth, FL 33460

  • Hoffman

    Hoffman's Chocolates

    5190 Lake Worth Rd Greenacres, FL 33463

  • La Reina Carniceria

    3403 S. Congress Ave. Lake Worth, FL 33461

  • Lake Worth Farmers Market

    1 S. Ocean Blvd. Lake Worth, FL 33460

  • Lake Worth High School Flea Market

    Lake Worth High School Flea Market

    1701 Lake Worth Road Lake Worth, FL 33460

  • The Law Offices of David P. Ginzberg

    505 W. Lantana Road Lantana, FL 33462

  • The Little Farm

    224 Broward Ave. Greenacres, FL 33463

  • Publix Super Market

    1910 Lake Worth Road Lake Worth, FL 33461

  • Rorabeck's Plants and Produce

    5539 S. Military Trail Lake Worth, FL 33463

  • Teas, Etc.

    480 Tall Pines Road West Palm Beach, FL 33413
    561-683-6838 Teas, Etc. is a teahouse only in the purest sense of the term. Nobody is going to offer you watercress sammies and petits fours here. There will be no leisurely afternoons t?te-à-t?te over a pot of Earl Grey. What Teas, Etc. does is sell tea — lots and lots of tea, with the fanatical devotion to regional variation and the rarest finds you'd expect from a wine seller or a gourmet cheese shop. Owner Beth Johnston threw over a lucrative career in mental health a couple of years ago to pursue her tea passions with a wonderful single-mindedness. She scours Asia in search of organic pinhead gunpowder from China and Japanese gen mai cha mixed with puffed rice and popcorn. She has carried back Tung Ting from Taiwan (a sweet jade oolong) and pu'erh tuo-cha (a tiny compressed bird's nest that unravels in your tea glass and lowers your cholesterol while you drink it) along with hundreds of other varieties of white, herbal, black, and rooibos teas, as well as beautiful teapots, Chinese wedding baskets, and drinking accessories. The West Palm Beach store keeps willfully odd hours: Your chances of catching somebody there are about 50/50, so call ahead before visiting. You can also peruse their website and call in your order for pickup. Teas run anywhere from $15 to $50 per eight ounces and come with exact brewing instructions for a perfect cuppa. More >>

  • Top Five Records

    10 S. J St. Lake Worth, FL 33460

  • Wayne Akers Ford

    2000 Tenth Ave. N. Lake Worth, FL 33461