Ranger Led Walks/Tours

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Hammock Drive, Main Loop


2018-09-08 10:30:00
10:30 a.m. every Fri., Sat.
Guided walks are Free with Park entry fees apply $2 per pedestrian, $4 single person in a vehicle, $6 two or more persons in a vehicle

Location Info:

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
3109 E. Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL  33304
FIRST FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Mangrove Habitat Walk This 1.5 mile walk will guide guests past the famous Gopher Tortoise habitat, through Pavilion 1 & 2 area and into the park’s extensive mangrove habitat. Guests will receive a historical overview of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park and an introduction to Mangrove habitats as well as the primary species of plants and animals that populate the area. SECOND FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Mid-Trail Walk This 2 mile walk will guide guests past the famous Gopher Tortoise habitat. The trail walk will commence approximately half a mile up the main loop drive along what used to be called the “Exotic Trail.” Here, Mr. Birch had planted an assortment of exotic plants including Mango, Citrus, Almond and more. Guests will receive a broad historical overview of the park and hear about the importance of balanced ecosystems in South Florida. A large bee hive is featured along this trail for everyone’s education THIRD FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Coastal Dune/Residual Slough and Historical Homes This 1 mile walk guide guests past the famous Gopher Tortoise habitat. The walk will take guests past one of the park’s unique fresh-water ecosystems, the Coastal Dune Lake, and give guests explanations about the formation and evolution of Barrier Island systems. The walk will also incorporate a broad historical overview of the Terramar Estate (Mr. Birch’s home, exterior only) and the Caretaker’s Home. The walk will continue outside of the Beach Gate entrance and touch on the Endangered Beach habitat that outlines the park’s eastern boundary, touch on protected plant and animal species such as sea oats and sea turtles. FOURTH FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Beach Hammock Trail & Sensitive Habitats Walk This 1 mile walk will take guests into one of the last residual Tropical Hardwood Hammock (Maritime Forest) habitats in Broward County. Guests will be explained the unique features that constitute our sub-tropical wooded areas as well as our small, residual Coastal Dune Lake systems. Guests will be given an introduction to the primary plant and animal species that populate these areas. A general overview of the original inhabitants to this part of Florida will be offered as well as historical relations between the first settlers. In addition, guests will be shown the highly endangered Beach Jacquemontia sensitive habitat area. FIFTH FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Beach/Dune Habitat & Coastal Walk This near-1 mile walk will be lead around the beach entrance and into sensitive habitat areas, with the Ranger demonstrating the residual dune plants still residing on the property opposite A1A. Guests will be lead through the underpass tunnel or across the cross walk to the beach. Here guests will be explained the unique features, flora, and fauna, that constitute the primary dune on the beach. Topics will include protected or endangered species, crucial information on sharing our beaches with nesting sea turtles, and information on the great Florida coral reef. The tour will leisurely browse the coastline, and explore the vast variety of species populating the areas between land and sea.
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