Sarah Stieber Art Exhibition: "Glow With the Flow"

Sarah Stieber Art Exhibition: "Glow With the Flow"

Courtesy of Lola International Artist Agent Miami


Fri., Oct. 14, 7-10 p.m. 2016
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Location Info:

Le Rendez-Vous
221 Datura St.
WEST PALM BEACH, Florida  33405
Given our sometimes-harsh realities, we welcome a filtered overlay of something beautiful, magical, or even hilarious. Just think of how much Snapchat’s puppy filter was employed during the last presidential debate. For contemporary artist Sarah Stieber, amplified, popping color palettes (à la Lisa Frank) and saturated hues raise her characters off the canvas. Stieber’s latest painting series, Glow With the Flow, features bold and playful characters in glimmering waterscapes populated by mylar balloons, glitter, and gemstones. Not only do these elements give texture to her pieces, but Steiber’s hope is that they also reflect the negativity, letting in room for the good in life. It’s what she calls “wishful seeing,” where unexpected beauty can often be hiding right in front of us. See Stieber’s works in the exhibit "Glow With the Flow" at Parisian lounge Le Rendez-Vous (221 Datura St., West Palm Beach) Friday from 7 to 10 p.m. Complimentary drinks, macarons, and French pastries will round out the free affair. Call 561-273-5441 or visit


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