Shed Sessions

Spady Cultural Heritage Museum The Spady House Band feat. Ian Caven jammed at the first SHED SESSION at The Spady.

Location Info:

Spady Cultural Heritage Museum
170 NW Fifth Ave.
Delray Beach, FL  33444
So just what is a Shed Session, and why is one coming to The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum? In major music cities, such as Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, live music jam sessions, led by a gifted drummer, are taking ahold. Call it a throwback to the days when live music ruled, and DJs were not concert headliners. The jamming would take place in the proverbial ‘shed,’ or any other intimate space, where enthusiasts could literally feel the music. Also key to a good shed session is improvisation. Other musicians are welcomed to sit in with the house band, and riff off the drummer’s beat. At the Spady Museum, Musical Director Tovah Lovely Shed will be on drums, as part of the new Spady House Band, with MC Ian Caven, Jimmy Copeland and Beto Rubinell rounding out the sound. Other musicians are welcomed for free; the general public admission is $10 per person, cash at the door. The first SHED SESSION at the Spady will be held second Wednesdays from 8-11 p.m.


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