Here & There Promises a Serbian Vacation but Gets Lost Along the Way

Perpetually grumpy Robert (David Thornton) is a musician who's unable to pick up his saxophone anymore due to depression, and he's being kicked out of his New York apartment because he can't pay the rent.

When his mover, a Serbian immigrant named Branko (Branislav Trifunovic), shows up, they form a quick and quirky friendship. Branko suggests a mutually beneficial way Robert can make some quick cash: He'll pay big money if Robert will fly to Serbia, marry Branko's girlfriend, and bring her back to America.

Things don't go as planned, and this is also where the film starts to stray. Most of the film focuses on Robert's time in Serbia, leaving Branko's story as an uneven afterthought. The cinematography and direction are superb, however, as writer/director Darko Lungulov effortlessly transitions between powerful shots that tell more story than the characters do.

The pacing is uneven, with long lulls between interesting plot points, and deep down, the story becomes a rehashed boy-meets-girl romantic comedy.


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