Nobody to Suspect Here but the Obvious

Marcus (Philip Winchester) is a parasomniac: It looks like he's awake, but he's sleepwalking, a convenient excuse for, say, sleeping with your best friend's wife. And lo and behold, when she turns up dead, it's hard for Marcus to maintain his friendship with Justin (Tim Draxl). Sure, he didn't mean to kill anyone, but waking up with a bloody knife in hand would make anyone suspect the worst. The biggest problem with Allen Wolf's thriller is that there are so few characters that it's immediately clear what's going on; there's simply no one to suspect besides the obvious. Another problem is that the movie's risible. To kill time while Marcus figures out how that knife got in his hand, there's a Freudian subplot about the origins of Marcus' sleep disorder. May be worth seeing just for the memorable sight of Lacey Chabert — ex–Party of Five kid — as neighbor Becky trying to interpret Marcus' dreams based on what she once learned in night school.


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