The Shoe Fairy

The Shoe Fairy is a sweet, strange, languidly paced love story told in vibrant colors about the marriage between a good-hearted dentist and a woman consumed with beautiful footwear. Mostly it's about the woman, who begins as a little girl born unable to walk but who relates deeply to fairy tales, especially the story of "the little mermaid." After an operation that cures her feet, she grows into a beautiful woman who lives to celebrate what she could not as a child: Her collection of shoes is gorgeous, gigantic, and downright magical. After a prosaic chain of events leads her to her prince charming, the newlyweds live happily for a time in their own quaint and quirky style of romance. In the fairy tale tradition, this movie is thoroughly narrated, which is probably quite cute for speakers of Mandarin. In the foreign film tradition, the movie is also subtitled, so narration in Mandarin might lack luster for American audiences. Still, it bears mentioning that it is the voice of Andy Lau, a legendary actor in Asia. He's also the impresario behind Focus Films, which brings us The Shoe Fairy via First Cuts, a vehicle for independent films shot on HD by first-time directors. The low-budget medium allows for delicate and stylish special effects that sporadically aid the enchanted tones of the story and the consistently inventive camera work. Star Vivian Hsu, a triple-threat sensation (model-actress-singer) across Asia, is as beautiful to look at as the movie. A great film for teens, teens-at-heart, hopeless romantics, and fans of fairy tales and footwear everywhere. (Monday, November 6, 3 and 7 p.m., and Tuesday, November 7, 3:30 p.m., Las Olas 15 at Riverfront; 94 minutes.)


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