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Best Pub Fare

When you're talking pub fare, you're not referring to delicate little bites of carefully arranged goodies. No, you're looking for home-style country dishes that elicit moans of joy before eating, when the diner is confronted with a steaming platter of well-prepared food, and groans of satisfaction after, when the diner is too full to move. Sally O'Brien's fits the bill. Despite its BeachPlace location, this authentic Irish pub is hardly commercial, what with its dimly lighted interior, live Irish music, and draft beers. Best of all, the grub is authentic: corned beef and cabbage, potato soup, shepherd's pie, and even a full Irish breakfast (eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, and sausage), which means that not only does Sally dish out the best pub fare, it also dishes out the heartiest breakfast.


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