Best Place to Get a Haircut and a Beer While Watching the Game

It's not as if an earth-shattering cry arose from some vain, beer-guzzling sports nuts looking for a place to throw back a cold one, get a haircut, and watch the Panthers game. But Brian Fischer hated going to his local barber shop and having to sit and wait -- and wait -- for the next available stylist. So he teamed up with wife Leslie and brother Stuart and created MVP Sports Salon. The Fischers, local entrepreneurs all, opened the place two years ago in an old West Palm Beach gas station to serve those couch potatoes who simply must have their sports TV. Indeed MVP is part neighborhood tavern, part local barber shop. Bar food is available, of course, as are upper-body massages, perms, hair coloring, or just a shave and a haircut -- all while patrons B.S. about the game or SportsCenter highlights on one of several TVs in the bar. And, like any tavern worth its beer nuts, MVP has its crowd of regulars, who sidle up to the bar at happy hour (4 to 7 p.m. weeknights) and enjoy a massage and a brew. Sorry, though, no cheerleaders.


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