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Best Used-CD Store

CDs, being the semi-indestructible medium that they are, have a lot more cachet as recycled music than records or tapes ever did. Plenty of savvy entrepreneurs out there have picked up on this fact and are now wheeling and dealing in preowned CDs. And while CD Warehouse has a misleading name (its locations are actually rather small, individually owned retail outlets), what sets it apart from the other shops is its great system for putting music lovers together with long-lost discs. Need a copy of that old Ted Nugent or Prince favorite but don't want to shell out for a brand-new copy? Ask nicely and a CD Warehouse staffer will plug your name into its computer database along with your wish list. When a copy of the album in question is brought in for trade by another customer and the title is entered into the computer, someone from the store will actually call you and tell you it's there if you're next on the list. You then have two days to pick it up before it goes out onto the shelves. The only problem is that the computer systems at the various stores -- in Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Pembroke Pines, and West Palm Beach -- aren't networked, so you have to request a title at each one to increase your odds.


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