Sanborn Square

72 N. Federal Highway
Boca Raton, FL 33432

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  • Feliz Aniversário!
    2 years ago by Sara Ventiera

    The French are celebrated for food and culture. The British: their stiff upper lip. The Japanese are notable for their precise and exacting nature. Australians are thought to be mellow and laid-back. Brazilians, on the other hand, a...

  • Burger Blitzkreig
    2 years ago by Sara Ventiera

    Blitzkreig, battle, barrage, assault, clash: No matter which term you choose to describe it, it all boils down to a fight. Prepare yourselves for a brush with supremacy-- burger supremacy, that is -- with this Saturday's second-annu...

  • Five South Florida Food-Related Events This Weekend: Brazilian Independence Day and More
    3 years ago by Tricia Woolfenden

    If Flavor Palm Beach isn't dominating your dining calendar this weekend -- read more about the month-long restaurant promotion here -- that means you've got a little bit of room to explore the other food-related happenings this week...

  • South Florida Gets Southern
    3 years ago by Tana Velen

    It's time to grab your "Friends in Low Places," even if they're "Much Too Young," because "If Tomorrow Never Comes," at least you won't regret seeing some of your favorite Garth Brooks songs played in tribute to the man himself. No,...

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