Skate Zone Underground

8125 Lake Worth Road
Lake Worth, FL 33467
Ice skating and roller skating.

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  • Tuff Chicks on Wheels
    2 years ago by Dana Krangel

    Think you are a tough girl? Take a seat in the stands at a derby girl match and you will either reconsider that notion or grab a helmet and kneepads and roll right in. Derby has become the ultimate badge of badassedness for girls wh...

  • Roller Girl
    2 years ago by Sara Ventiera

    Chances are you haven't been to a skating rink in years. Most likely, your most recent skating memory was filled with awesome flashing '80s laser lights while jammin' out to Ace of Base. If that's the case, you should probably stay ...

  • They See Derby Grrls Rollin',They Hatin'
    4 years ago by Devin Desjarlais

    On the one hand, we get why you sit at the sidelines for football, soccer, and basketball — tickets for those seats are expensive but promise relative safety for you. Yes, indeed, you’re very safe while you watch hulks t...


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